Increase safety and security with engaging, informative training

We provide on-premises group training that will help prevent and mitigate active shooter and workplace violence. While it is our sincere hope that you and those you care about will never be in an active killer situation, the frequency of these incidents is unfortunately increasing. Our instructors provide engaging, interactive instruction for your company, church, school or organization. Don’t live in fear – help reduce your organization’s vulnerability and liability and empower yourself and your colleagues with the strategies you need to stay safe.

  • Security Assessments

    Experienced in performing detailed site assessment analysis reports for government and corporate client facilities.

  • Full-Scale Drills

    You practice fire and tornado drills: Put your situational awareness skills to the test with a full-scale practice active killer drill.

  • Custom Training Options

    SAI offers onsite training customized to meet your organization’s unique situation and members.

  • Troubleshoot Vulnerabilities

    Utilize tabletop exercises designed to reveal and address vulnerabilities.

Don't take our word for it. What our clients say:

“We greatly appreciate your willingness to participate in this training, particularly from someone with your exceptional credentials and such a demand on your time. Please know your presentation captivated the participants, as evidenced by their rapt attention and positive feedback.”    –Sandra Cumper, Broward Regional Health Planning Council

“The active shooter training conducted in all our offices was extremely informative and helpful. My employees really enjoyed the real life presentation and training they received. The books and other handouts were a hit with our staff, thank you so much!”   –Lauren T. Pollack, Director of Human Resources

“We want to thank you for taking time to assist our organization with this critical training that unfortunately has become a reality in today’s business. The training you provided was professional and on point. Your interaction with our employees and management really stood out to them and allowed them to understand the importance of being situationally aware.”    –Gary L. Esslinger, Treasurer/Manager, Elephant Butte Irrigation District of New Mexico

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