Alternate Exits -

Today’s Tactical Tuesday topic is alternate exits. One time I was setting up a campsite with a friend. We call him Smurf. I noticed he was very methodical about where the campsite was and how it was set up. He came to me and said, “We can go down the road, we can cross the creek, and we can even go through the woods.” And I said, “Smurf, this is not a military op. We’re just camping with the kids.” He got very serious with me. He said, “Ball, whether it’s your girlfriend or your campsite, you gotta have more than one way out.”

And I realized the truth of that. When we look back at the 2017 Las Vegas shooting, we see that active killers are drawn to large groups of people in a confined area. In the Las Vegas incident, 400 people were trampled. There was a rock concert years ago where 100 people died trying to get out the main exit. Undoubtedly more people died because they did not use an alternate exit.

Locate your ​way out!

Where ever you go, whether it’s a restaurant, a theater, a big event with a large crowd, take a few seconds and find alternate exits. Read the room and ask yourself, "Where would everyone run, operating with a fearful herd mentality, if a threat were to manifest?" Obviously the main exit. Take time to observe and find a primary, secondary and tertiary exit. You will increase your chances of surviving. If an active killer comes for you, I want him to find an empty room and come away empty handed because you took the time to find alternate exits. Remember, think tactically, and stay safe.

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