Today's Tactical Tuesday we'll be talking about the benefits of self-defense training. We’re currently in Palm Springs, CA, presenting Situational Awareness Institute’s active killer prevention, survival and countermeasures training at a nearby government facility​. As we were passing a field of wind turbines, it inspired and reminded me about the winds of change in people’s lives. I go to dojos all over the country to lead self-defense training. I meet people who were once victims, because they were not equipped.

Subsequently they acquired new skills thoughself-defense training in the dojo and are now victorious. One of the benefits of ​self-defense training is psychological empowerment, which has been scientifically verified. If you want the winds of change in your life, seek out a qualified instructor. Equip yourself. Leave fear behind. This is Philip Ball reminding you: think tactically, and stay safe.

Take your training to the next level by taking our Active Killer Prevention, Survival, and Countermeasures Training Course. This is a course we’ve taught nationwide, available to you online. Contact us here for more information or call (954) 292-5592.

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