Today we’re discussing door binding, specifically how to bind a classroom door in an active killer situation. This week we give you a sneak peek into one of our active killer school drills. In this debrief, we’re discussing with teachers the challenge they have in keeping their classroom door closed when it doesn’t lock from the inside.

What I love about doing these drills all over the nation is that I learn something from everybody. Everyone has something to teach us. Do you remember when they used to talk about “pennying” someone, where you wedge pennies in a doorway, in the space between the door and the jamb, and you couldn’t get the door open? Well, one of the teachers showed us how to bind a classroom door by wedging a flexible children’s book into the doorjamb and forcing the door closed on it. It worked so well, our mock intruder, P.J., couldn’t kick the door open. They also couldn’t get the door open to get out! ​This is just one of the techniques we teach on how to bind a classroom door, keeping a barrier between you, your students, and an active killer.

​Situational Awareness Institute has also partnered with Bearacade products, which is an excellent system to prevent active killers from kicking in a door. Click here to learn more about this lifesaving product. This is Philip Ball reminding you: think tactically, and stay safe.​

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