Do you know about ransomware? Do you know about the dark web? You will at our first cybersecurity seminar, January 2020. It’s Philip Ball with Situational Awareness Institute, and I’m here today with my good friend, Jay Watts of Proact IT Solutions. We were in a coffee shop just awhile ago, and Jay was telling me how cybercrimes have exploded. We decided that in order to fully take care of our clients, we need to provide you with some training quickly, before this gets out of hand and harms you.

Remember, I’m a subject-matter expert in active killers, and an active killer can come in and take your life or the lives of your employees and you clients. A cyber breach can take your livelihood. It can take the jobs of your employees. And it can take the financial identity of your clients. Jay is a professional in that area, so we’ve decided to offer a cybersecurity seminar in January 2020. I’m going to provide you with ten ways where you’re physically vulnerable and that lead to opportunities for cybercriminals. Jay is going to give you all the answers on how you can tighten up your online security and prevent a cybercrime from happening. So contact us to express interest in taking our cyber security training. We want to help protect you by providing physical security and cybersecurity training. This is Philip Ball reminding you: think tactically, and stay safe.​

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