Improvised Bullet Resistant Vest -

It’s Tactical Tuesday, and today we’re going to discuss how you can make an improvised bullet resistant vest. Many people carry backpacks. In my day we called them book bags and for good reason. Back then we carried a lot of books. Now I tell the kids at schools, “Did you know science can save your life? Carry your science book in your backpack.” If you have books in your backpack, those can be a great insulator against bullets.

You might have heard the story about the soldier who had the New Testament in his pocket, and it stopped a bullet in battle and saved his life. You can use the same concept. Take your backpack full of books and put it on your chest in an active killer situation, you will have created an improvised bullet resistant vest. If you’re a student, you can use books in the classroom. If you’re in an office, there are manuals laying around or notebooks full of paper.

Just remember, if you’re going to carry a backpack, why not carry one that can save your life​. This is Philip Ball reminding you to think tactically and stay safe.

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