Every day I see drivers doing this. They’re trying to avoid getting a traffic ticket. I just shudder, though, because this behavior when driving on the phone increases the odds of them getting a death certificate.

Today we’re talking about hanging up that cell phone while driving and hanging it high, so you don’t die. In 2018, most states passed laws prohibiting holding a cell phone while you’re driving, making it mandatory that you have a hands-free function. This is to increase your safety. Many people, in an effort to avoid getting a ticket, now hold their phone near their lap instead of talking with the phone up to their ear.

While you may be more likely to get a ticket when your phone is up to your ear, at least your chances of an accident are reduced because you can see what’s coming down the road. Your peripheral vision, which is cone-shaped, is now active above the dash. When your attention is lowered, so is your peripheral vision, limiting your vision above the dash. Now you can’t see anything pulling in front of you or coming at you, thereby increasing your risk of an accident. So please: get yourself a hands-free device, hang the phone up high on your dashboard, so you can see what’s on the road as you drive—and not get a ticket. This is Philip Ball reminding you: think tactically, and stay safe.

And, as promised, here's the link to Get Off That Cell Phone and Drive by Davis Tucker.

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