Social distancing. If not done properly, it can leave you feeling like you’re locked out. Because of the Coronavirus, we all have to practice physical distancing or 'social distancing.' But I want you to remember that during this time of social distancing, you should also focus on emotional unity. The worse thing you can do in a crisis situation, when you’re under extreme stress, is cut yourself off from the ones you love, your friends and family.

So get on the phone. Video chat. Contact people you know and love and renew that connection with them. Because to get through this with resilience, we need to come together in unity. There is healing power in the voice of someone you love, and it’s healing for them to hear your voice as well. It’s a healing elixir that no pharmacy can provide. This is Philip Ball reminding you to think tactically and stay safe, and we will come out of this stronger than ever.

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