​Using a Table as a Shield​ - 

Remember in the old TV shows when the gunfight would break out in the saloon? Somebody would flip the table up to use as a shield? That made for really good TV, and the dramatic table flip has been used countless times in movies as well. Well, guess what? It’s also tactically wise. Let me explain.

The worst thing you can do is crawl under the table when a threat manifests. You’re completely vulnerable there and lack mobility. Remaining seated at the table is the second-worst thing you can do. Then you only have a matter of inches of coverage or protection. The very best thing you can do if you’re seated at a table in a threatening situation is to flip the table forward in front of you, just like in the saloon, and use the table as a shield.

Now you have multiple feet of wood between you and the attacker instead of just five inches. If you’re at school and a threat manifests, flip your desk. Use an end table or coffee table as a shield at home. If you’re in a restaurant, flip the dinner table. Protect yourself at work by flipping your desk forward. Remember, if they come for your life, flip the script on them by flipping that table.​ This is Philip Ball reminding you to think tactically and stay safe.

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