Surviving an active killer/active shooter scenario

depends on making the right decisions within the first critical three minutes. We show you how to maximize your chances of survival.

Statistics reveal we our vulnerable at our workplaces, attending a concert, worshipping at church, sending our children to school, or even shopping at our favorite stores. Watch and read the news. In 2019, there were more mass shooting incidents than days of the year. Do you know the best areas of protection, the maximum areas of vulnerability known as funnels of death, and the best means of egress? We react by what we know — what we learn.

Situational Awareness Institute implements active killer scenario prevention and survival training for individuals and organizations throughout the United States. Built upon 25 years of law-enforcement experience, we provide an engaging, effective curriculum that will make the most of those first three minutes. Equip yourself and your organization to prevent violence, minimize vulnerability and liability, and maximize safety and survivability.

  • …Lifesaving information, critical information for preventing and dealing with acts of violence to school boards, businesses, government agencies, and many other venues.

    Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, USA (ret.)

    Author of On Combat, On Killing, and Assassination Generation

  • …Your presentation captivated the participants, as evidenced by their rapt attention and positive feedback.

    Sandra Cumper

    Broward Regional Health Planning Council

  • The active shooter training conducted in all our offices was extremely informative and helpful. My employees really enjoyed the real life presentation and training they received.

    Lauren T. Pollack

    Director of Human Resources, Kelley Kronenberg, Attorneys at Law

  • …Critical training that unfortunately has become a reality in today’s business. The training you provided was professional and on point.

    Gary L. Esslinger

    Treasurer/Manager, Elephant Butte Irrigation District of New Mexico

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure: examine the traits of an Active Killer and identify the signs before an event occurs.
Fear attracts violence, but confidence deters it. Utilize lessons learned from first-hand accounts of Active Killer survivors.
Have a plan for action and be able to confidently implement tactics that are easy to remember and use.
Victory favors the well-trained warrior. Take advantage of onsite or online training options, and choose to make a plan today.
Philip Ball Teaching

Decrease liability and vulnerability and increase safety and survivability with onsite training

Situational Awareness Institute has instructed thousands at schools, churches and corporations on survival training. Our onsite training allows you to select customized programs that speak to your group’s specialized needs. In addition, we conduct security assessments, troubleshoot vulnerabilities utilizing tabletop exercises, and put your skills to the test by performing a full-scale drill. See what our past clients say here.

Minimize your organization's liabilities and vulnerabilies and maximize your safety and survivability with access to online training

Enhance your organization’s security training with online coursework. SAI’s online video training can be accessed on-demand from any web-connected device. Training is consistent among all members of your organization, and new members can be brought up to speed quickly and efficiently. Regular security updates and “micro trainings” help keep your training program relevant and up-to-date. Mitigate your organization’s liabilities and increase safety with access to efficient, informative video trainings–all for an affordable, flat fee.

Get the training you need to survive an active killer incident.