Active Shooter Survival Manual

Do you know what to do if you are in an active shooter situation? Would you like to learn what police officers teach the members of their own families? This is an easy to read survival manual that will give you tips and insights from a current police training specialist.

Author Philip Ball is currently a Police Officer in Carrollton, Georgia. Philip is the owner of the private tactical firearms training company S.A.I. or Situational Awareness Institute. He resides in west Georgia with his wife and son.

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Self-Defense Products

TASER Pulse+

Pulse+ smart devices integrate with Noonlight, a safety platform that wirelessly connects to your phone and enables emergency dispatch when fired.

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TASER Strikelight

Multi-tasker extraordinaire, this 80 lumen flashlight with a high voltage stun both startles and repels, providing you with added comfort and safety.

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Bearacade Lockdown Response Solutions

Lockdown Response System

Make any office or classroom a safe room!  The Bearacade® Lockdown Response System deploys quickly and easily on any interior inward- or outward-swinging door in the event of a hostile intruder emergency to prevent the door from opening in either direction.

The unit can ship with or without a reflective External Notification Panel™ to guide administrators and safety forces that the device is deployed.  Once in place, the patent-pending Bearacade® can withstand 4,800 pounds of external force!  That’s 10 times the strength of a traditional lock set.  The award-winning design does not require any mounted hardware or changes to the door or door frame.  The only Doorway Preparation is one pre-drilled 5/16″ anchor hole into your sub-flooring. See how Bearacade® works and why.

Lightweight, easy to store, and quick to deploy, Bearacade® is ideal for all interior doors that can be used as a safe haven when evacuation is not possible or too dangerous to attempt.  Getting out and away is the first, best action.  If you cannot get out, Bearacade® is your added safety. Bearacade® includes:


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  • Bearacade® Lockdown Response System
  • 1/4″ Stainless Steel Anchor Pin™
  • Doorway Preparation Instructions
  • In-Service Training Documentation
  • Code of Conduct Recommendations