When the news footage of the Columbine school shooting hit the airwaves in 1999, something stirred within the heart of Officer Philip Ball. There had to be a better way to protect the innocent. Police departments had to think of more effective solutions for every officer to be trained to handle an active killer situation. Why did this hit home so hard for Officer Ball? His new bride was a school teacher. How could he get to her quickly if there was an incident at her school? This is the catalyst that started a nearly 20-year obsession. . .

For most of the next 15 years, Officer Ball continued to study active killer situations. His emphasis was on learning the most up to date, proven methods of how police should handle these intense incidents. From the first 911 call to the confrontation with the shooter, Officer Ball worked with experts in this field to bring training to the officers within his department.

At this point in his career, friends and family kept coming to him for advice on protecting their loved ones. The two most common questions were, “Can you teach me and my wife how to protect ourselves?” And, “What do I tell my kids to keep them safe at school?” Thus, in 2014, Situational Awareness Institute was born.

Since that time, Officer Ball has trained teachers, young people, small businesses, corporations and government agencies throughout the United States with an emphasis on recognizing potentially violent situations and surviving when an unavoidable incident occurs. Situational Awareness Institute provides practical, real-world training that can be utilized by both adults and students. The most important factor on whether you live or die in an active killer situation is what you do in those first three minutes. Do you know what to do? Let Situational Awareness Institute help you develop a plan today.

Get the training you need to survive an active killer incident.