Philip Ball

Philip Ball is the CEO and Lead Instructor of Situational Awareness Institute, a private company that provides expert instruction to governmental agencies, municipalities, corporations, religious institutions, schools and individuals on how to recognize potential active killer scenarios, how to minimize liability and vulnerability, and how to maximize safety and survivability.

Philip Ball is a Certified Police Officer in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Georgia and Florida. He has served as a County Deputy, County Police Officer, and a City Police Officer for over twenty years. Officer Ball is a certified Firearms Instructor for the U.S. Department of State, Florida and Georgia law enforcement and the FBI. He is also an instructor in Tasers, Active Shooter Response, Defensive Tactics, Crisis Intervention, as well as FEMA Incident Command 300 & 400 Level. Ball has also served as an expert witness for the Broward County Florida District Attorney’s Office.

At various times, Officer Ball has been the Lead Instructor for the Broward County Active Killer Task Force, teaching Active Killer Response in schools. Philip Ball has also held the positions of Training Director, Training Officer, Police Academy Instructor, State Certification Manager, Citizen’s Academy Director, SWAT Corporal, DARE Officer, Gang Intelligence Officer, School Resource Officer, and Emergency Management Coordinator.

Officer Ball travels the country as Lead Instructor for SAI. He is also a member of the American Society for Industrial Security. In 2016, he wrote and published the Active Shooter Survival Manual which sells world-wide and is available on

Get the training you need to survive an active killer scenario.