Today we’re talking about tactical seating in public spaces. Look, if you’re going to go out to eat, you might as well think tactically there. Now, when you walk into a restaurant, for instance, where do you think the tactical seat is? It’s in the back, far from the front. We want to be far from the front because if any trouble happens, it’s probably going be near the entrance, near the money.

If you’re in the back, it gives you several different advantages. If you’re far from the front, it gives you distance, and distance gives you time. What does time give you? It gives you options. Also, you have your back to the wall. Now why is it good sometimes to have your back to the wall? There’s nobody behind you to worry about. And when you’re back there, you can see the front. You can assess everyone coming in the entrance and whether they’re a threat or not. Also notice it’s near an alternate exit. If there’s a problem, everyone can’t get near the front exit. If that’s where the problem probably is, you can go out that alternate exit.

So don’t forget, the next time you eat, eat in the catbird seat, and make sure you consider tactical seating in public places. ​This is Philip Ball reminding you: think tactically, and stay safe.

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